01 General Post Office
10 April 2020
You may not pay much attention to this big white block when you are crossing the footbridge in Central, ‘Yea, just a post office‘, that's maybe from many people’s thoughts. From my perspective, I see the beauty of the simplicity and functionalism of this modern architecture. It should be preserved. 

⇓ more personal thoughts below about the GPO crisis ⇓
The vertical sun-shading fins are functional for reflecting the natural light at some points, the repetition of these devices create pretty geometrical pattern with the arched shelter at the entrance. 
The General Post Office was built in 1976, which is the 4th generation of General Post Office headquarter. It is facing a crisis that will be torn down because the ‘public consultation’ was done. Back to 2007–2008, the contents of the consultation did not mention the demolishment of the General Post Office, but only the new arrangement of transportation and public open space for citizens. Many opinions from the public were distorted, the most ideal way is to re-do the consultation but I don't think the government would allow this to happen. 

When I was looking into the history of the General Post Office, one of the bloggers said very well — ‘A building needs to be demolished because it doesn‘t have 50 years of history; then how can we have the historical architecture with hundred years?’. 

I believe preservation is an important part of development in a modern city, and it is not an easy task as well. Providing an opportunity to educate and show the history to the later generations, create another function for the building, anyway just keep it. 
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