Earth-Observing Log UXUI
Using a smartphone has been our routine and it is too hard to get rid of it suddenly. Therefore, the mobile application of Earth-Observing Logs aims to assist users when they are discovering with the guided-activity cards.
more fun.
Some adults think that human’s learning stage should happen in a specific period of time or situation. They are not inclined to novelty when they are no longer within this specific time or situation. This misconception leads them to have less motivation to explore the world. People’s curiosity is inherent and valuable, it should not be forgotten when we grow up. 

Curiosity could bring more possibilities and fun at any time! This project encourages target audience to explore more of their surroundings by curiosity, so as to widen their horizons and engage with more possibilities every day. This project aims to entice Hong Kong working adults to spend more time to explore and enjoy their own life by activity-guided cards, and assisted by a mobile app.
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